Green Smoothie Bowl

Green smoothie bowl – a healthy snack

[green smoothies are colourful and healthy]

for 2 bowls:
1 pineapple
½ cucumber
1 banana
a handfull of rocket salalt, mint, lemon verbena or basil

fruit e.g. banana, kiwi, cucumber, pear
coconut flakes, sliced almonds, edible flowers, granola


Cut the pinapple in half. Remove the pulp from inside and keep it for the smoothie.


Blend the fruit and vegatable in the mixer.


Put the smoothie back into the pineapple halves.


Cut the fruit and vegetables for decoration. Get creative with cookie cutters.


Decorate the smoothie bowl with fruit, vegetables and toppings.

It is easy to make your own granola as you can see here.

Try other seasonal fruit and vegetables from your garden or your local farmers market.

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