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I prefer the word consciousness to sustainability.

No company can be 100% sustainable. By being consciuos, customers and companies can still make a change to society and the world itself every day. KAFFEEHAUS AM RING ist conscious about local and handmade production – offering repair service and DIY ideas, working together with social projects, cooperating with other small businesses and creative persons sharing who share similar ideas.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING stands for handmade goods, locally produced in Vienna.

I encourage you to make your own things expressing your creative energy.

Shop local, visit a farmers market and cook at home.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING offers recipes with a motivating playlist and DIY videos to get you started.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING offers a repair service for our products.

The first step of beeing conscious is really actually wearing the stuff you have already bought. So please wear your KAFFEEHAUS AM RING jewelry, show it to us on Instagram (@kaffeehausamring). If it gets damaged, contact me for repair service.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING loves to work together with social projects.

like Galerie since 2010 Shopping there, you support workplaces for the disabled. In the past KAFFEEHAUS AM RING participated in exhibitions together with disabled clients e.g. Verein Balance. If you come up with an idea for a social cooperation, please let me know.

When you support small businesses, you are supporting dreams.

Thanks to each and every customer for buying at KAFFEEHAUS AM RING during the last 10 years and from other small business. KAFFEEHAUS AM RING loves to work together with other small companies. Some of them are listed here. If you want to cooperate with KAFFEEHAUS AM RING, please get in touch.

Small businesses have been highly affected by corona pandemics.

Nevertheless I often turned the odds to my favour. This website was planned during corona lockdown.

I have been supported by three brillant people. It‘s a completely new experience having a team.

Get to know the team behind this page:

David Berghofer is the webdesigner of this page He is student and music lover. Being the youngest on the team he brings in new ideas. Asking a lot of questions, I was forced to think about my companys aims and got new perspectives. It is important to listen to young people and to support them as they are the future of society. Together we e.g. decided to offer a playlist and recipes on the website.

Claudia Kulhanekis a graphic designer and makes beautiful brass jewelry. Selling jewelry on markets has become difficult for her during corona. But on the bright side, she had time to help me out. She listens to each of my crazy ideas with patience and enthusiasm. Claudia edited the images and designed the new logo, the packaging, the flyers, the postcards and the stickers which was great fun. You can get in contact with her via

karin bergmann is a talented photographer. She sees the beauty in people and objects. Being in front of her camera before, I realized how much love she brings into taking photos. Corona lockdown has been tough for photographers. so there was time to think about other projects. Although she is specialized in taking photos of people, she accepted the challenge of making cut out photos for the webshop, with a great outcome as you can see for yourself there.

I am open to suggestions, how KAFFEEHAUS AM RING can be even more conscious. Please contact me for ideas.