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Repair Service

Repair service

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING offers a free repair service, if the jewelry has been handled with care and repairing is possible.

Please email a picture of the jewelry piece and the repair form.

I will contact you, once I have received the picture and the repair form and tell you what is possible. Then you send your product to us or bring it to a design fair.
If you have bought your product at Galerie, you can also leave it there for me to collect.
I will refund postage within the warranty. There will be free shipping for the repaired product within the warranty. Afterwards shipping will be 4 Euros within Austria.
Please send/ bring your product after you have received an answer to your email.

A-1160 Vienna

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING is carefully manufactured and an industrial adhesive is used.

To avoid damages please note: 
After wearing your jewelry, always put it back into the supplied jewelry bag or another suitable jewelry box.
Please handle your jewelry with care. Take off your rings before wearing gloves or taking your keys out of your bag.
Rings are adjustable in size. Please adjust before wearing.

Just in case….

If you loose small parts (e.g. spoon, cookie), mostly I can reassemble it back.
Repair service does not apply to parts not manufactured in our studio, as we do not have the tools for doing so, e.g. solder joints of rings. In most cases I can upcycle a ring with damaged solder joint to a brooch.
Repairing broken porcelain is not possible, also broken chains cannnot be repaired. We do not have tools for that.
If you loose a part of a brass neclace, you can buy them seperately in the webshop. Damages due to improper use cannot be repaired for free. I can tell you after sending the picture and the repair form, how much repairing will cost.
I cannot repair jewelry from other designers.