Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl – a healthy start

[A perfect healthy alternative for your cooked breakfast – looks nice and tastes like a day off]

1 tablespoon of Acai powder
2 bananas
dates, maple sirup, honey (if you prefer it sweet)

fruit e.g. strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, pears
coconut flakes, chia seeds, granola, sliced almonds, edible flowers


Acai Bowls feel like a day at the beach or a surf lesson.


Start your day with fruit. Cut bananas and place them in your mixer. Add Acai powder.


Mix well. Add dates, if you like sweetness.

Fruit is always a great way to start your day


Decorate your bowl with fruit.

Add topping. Granola makes a great topping and is easy to make yourself.
It is easy to make your own granola. Go to the Granola recipe.

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