winter wonderland cake

winter wonderland cake

[this cake looks and tastes fantastic – it perfectly fits every occasion during the winter months]

For the cake:
750g apples or pears
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
100g Marzipan
100g sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
4 Eggs
200g Butter
200g flour 
2 teaspoons of baking powder

100g Mascarpone
200g cream
50g icing sugar

Waffle cones
food colouring (green)
sugar sprinkles


wash and cut the apples or pears. Cook them in 100ml of Water and cinnamon until soft. Let them cool.


mix the icing with green food coulouring. Cove the waffle cones with icing using a brush starting at the top. Decorate with sugar sprinkles.


Preheat the oven (160°C). Cut the marzipan. Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and butter. Add flour, baking powder and marzipan.


cover the baking pan with baking paper. Put the mixture in the baking pan and put the apples or pears on top. Bake aproximaltey 30 Minutes. 

each year me and my dog eagerly wait for the first snowflake


whip the cream. Add mascarpone and sugar. Use a spoon to cover the cake to create a layer of snow.


Decorate with waffle cones. Add figures (e.g. polar bear). 


My best friend loves foxes. So I have created a cake showing a forest habitat for her birthday in december.

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