soup with cheese and bread crumbs dumplings

soup with cheese and bread crumbs dumplings - soul food after a day in the mountains

[austria has many hiking opportunities for the weekend or a day off.  You will enjoy home cooked food after your trip.]

cheese & bread crumbs dumplings:
50g butter
4 eggs
125ml warm milk
250g cheese (I use leftovers found in the fridge)
50g flour
250g old bread (or bread cubes)
1 onion
a pinch of salt
chives, parsley

vegetable soup:
1 bunch of greens and other soup vegetables  (e.g. carrots, potatoes)
1 soup cube
olive oil
salt, pepper and herbs


Enjoy your weekend during corona pandemics – go to the mountains – enjoy nice views and healthy exercise.
You can prepare the soup with dumplings ahead to enjoy when you arrive home.


start with the soup. fry the soup greens and vegetables with olive oil. Add water, the soup cube and herbs. Cook until the vegatbles are done.


Cut the old bread to cubes. soak them in warm milk. Chop the onion and fry it in butter. Cut the chives, parsley and herbs. Add them to the soaked bread. Also add eggs, onions, cheese and a pinch of salt.  


Add flour and make dumplings. flatten the dumplings and fry on both sides until golden brown. Use olive oil to fry.
Now you will get to know the neighbours because the smell is so tempting, that they want some too.

reuse old bread


Add dumplings to the hot soup.
I usually make lots of dumplings and keep them in the freezer. I enjoy them when I have lots of work and little time for cooking. I started exchanging and delivering food to friends during the first lockdown and cheese and breadcrumbs dumplings are really apreciated. stellen.  


reflect your trip and plan the next one. Exchange your experience with others.
if you live near vienna, i recommend going to reisalpe or schneeberg.

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