About Kaffeehaus am ring

about kaffeehaus am ring

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING – coffee house atmosphere to wear – jewelry and souvenir in one.

“People go to the coffee house who want to be alone, but need company” (Alfred Polgar)

The jewelry series with elements of the Viennese coffee house conjures up a smile in everyday life and at the same time pays homage to the world cultural heritage of the Viennese coffee house, the city of Vienna and Austrian cuisine – Sachertorte, Wiener Melange, Punschkrapfen, sausages and more.

KAFFEEHAUS AM RING was founded in 2010 by Andrea Steinhauser. The brand name and all designs are protected by trademark and design law.

The rings, necklaces and brooches in the Swimming Pool series are just as humorous. The jewelry is inspired by travel, adventures and the most beautiful places on earth.


Andrea Steinhauser is a passionate coffeehouse visitor and so it was only a matter of time to design jewelry with the elements of the Viennese coffee house. The label KAFFEEHAUS AM RING has existed since 2010.

The jewelry is a fun eye-catcher and a souvenir at the same time. KAFFEEHAUS AM RING was the first label dedicated to the souvenir theme, not only replacing dusty souvenirs, but also starting a real trend that has now been followed by over 100 labels. Andrea Steinhauser was nominated for the Mingo Award in 2011 for this pioneering work in product development.
Even after more than five years, the jewelry with cakes, coffee and sausages is very popular. The products are sold in museum shops, galleries and shops.

Since 2012 Andrea Steinhauser has found a new challenge in porcelain as a material. This quickly developed into a passion and the ENJOY LIVING label. She makes tableware and lampshades in geometric shapes. Most famous are their bowls and lamps in the shape of fruits. Since 2013 she has been combining porcelain with brass, resulting in a series of chains, rings and earrings.

Andrea Steinhauser works as a product designer. Her specialty is products that are designed and sold to match events and exhibitions, as well as tableware for catering establishments.